Muslims find Jesus Part 1

Muslims Find Jesus
Part 1
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Muslim stories Mark, Nasir (watch the continuing story of Nasir directly below), Nomie, Suihayr and Tash. A Muslim Journey to Hope presents the stories of people who have had a life-changing experience. Each story is true, and each story is different. Yet they are as different as the lives of each person: Women and men. Young and old. Rich and poor. From many countries in the world. Each story tells how each of these people has found hope in Jesus.

Nasir Siddiki

By age 34, Nasir Siddiki, a successful businessman, had made his first million, but money meant nothing to him on his deathbed. Diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital, his immune system shut down and doctors left him to die.

The next morning I woke in a sterile room on the eighth floor of the hospital, my skin burning as though someone had doused me in gasoline and lit a match. I felt on fire from the inside out.

My doctor arrived and looked at me in wonder. “The blisters are multiplying so fast I can literally watch them grow,” he said. ‘”Your body isn’t fighting back.”

The next morning, in addition to shingles, I had chicken pox from head to toe. I was put in strict isolation. That evening my temperature soared to 107.6 degrees — hot enough to leave my brain permanently scrambled.

For days I continued to deteriorate. My nerve endings became so inflamed that a hair drifting across my skin sent shock waves of fire rippling through my body. By week’s end, I was listed in critical condition.

My Last Hope

In life, I’d been bold, self confident, a risk taker. But facing death, I was terrified. I had no idea what might await me on the other side. I’d been raised as a Moslem in London, England, and I understood Allah was not a god who heals.

My only hope was in medicine.

I eventually slipped so close to death that the doctors didn’t know I could hear them when they examined me. “His immune system has simply shut down,” one of them said.

“He’s dying,” the other confirmed. “His immune system must be compromised by AIDS.”

I don’t have AIDS! I wanted to shout, but I couldn’t form the words. Then it hit me. He said I’m dying!
The doctors spoke quietly to my co-worker, Anita. “In a few hours he’ll be dead,” they said. “If by some miracle he lives, he’ll probably be blind in his right eye, deaf in his right ear, paralyzed on his right side and he may be severely brain damaged from the high fever.”

Then they left.

They left me here to die! I felt like a drowning man going down for the third time. Gathering my strength I whispered a prayer. “God, if you’re real, don’t let me die!”

In His Presence

During the darkest hour of the night, I woke and saw a man at the foot of my bed. Rays of light emanated from him, allowing me to see his outline. I couldn’t see his face, it was too bright. No one had to tell me, I knew it was Jesus.

The Koran mentions Jesus; Moslems believe He existed, not as the son of God, but as a good man and a prophet. I knew this wasn’t Mohammed. I knew it wasn’t Allah. Jesus was in my room. There was no fear, only peace.

“Why would You come to a Moslem when everyone else has left me to die?” I wondered.

Without words, he spoke to me. “I Am the God of the Christians. I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

That’s all He said. He didn’t mention my illness. He didn’t mention my impending death. As suddenly as He appeared, He was gone.

The next morning, the same two doctors arrived to examine me. “The blisters have stopped growing!”

“We don’t know what happened, but the shingles virus has gone into remission!”

The following day, still in pain and covered with blisters, I was discharged from the hospital with a suitcase full of drugs. “Don’t leave home,” the doctor cautioned. “It will be months before the blisters go away, and when they do you’ll be left with white patches of skin and scars. The pain could last for years.”

Stepping outside into the morning sun, I looked like a cross between a leper and the Elephant Man. When people saw me, they crossed to the other side of the street. However, my mind was not on my looks; my thoughts were on Jesus. There was no doubt in my mind that Jesus’ presence in my room had stopped the shingles virus. Whatever else Jesus may be, I realized that in His presence miracles happened.

That fact left me with one consuming question: Is Jesus the Son of God as the Christians claim, or is He just a prophet as I was taught?

At home that evening, in spite of the drugs, the pain and itching was so severe I almost had to tie my hands. Even so, I fell into a restless sleep wondering about Jesus.

Learning to Live

The next morning, I woke early and turned on the television. Flipping through the channels, I froze when I saw the following words across the screen: Is Jesus the Son of God?

I listened intently as two men spent the entire program discussing this topic — answering all of my questions. Before the show went off the air, one of the men led the television audience in a prayer. My body was aflame with pain but I knelt on my living room floor anyway. Tears streaming down my face, I repeated the prayer and invited Jesus into my heart.

Immediately a voracious spiritual hunger sprang up within me. I had to know more about Jesus. In spite of my doctor’s orders to stay inside, the next day I went out and bought a Bible. First I read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Still ravenous, I started in Genesis and read through the Bible during my sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, Anita brought me books and teaching tapes explaining the Gospel. I devoured them while continuing to study the Word of God. As my understanding of faith began to grow, I dug out a picture of how I looked before shingles. I prayed and asked God to make me look that way again.

Jesus, My Healer

One week after my discharge from the hospital, I woke and found my pillow covered in blisters. I must have clawed them in my sleep, I thought. I crawled out of bed and stepped into the shower. What had started on my pillow was finished in the shower: Every blister fell off my body!

Instead of being covered with patches of white and scar tissue, my skin was simply red and raw. It slowly healed, returning to its pre-shingles condition. When it did, I not only looked human, I looked like I did before I got sick, except for the scars that I still carry on my chest.

None of the doctor’s dire predictions came true. My eyesight was 20/20. My hearing was normal. My speech was unimpaired. I suffered no brain damage.

My healing was miraculous, swift and complete. I never suffered from lingering pain or any other complication. Not only did I have the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital, I also had the most miraculous recovery.

Jesus, the God of the Christians, showed up in the hospital room of a dying Moslem and healed me. But that wasn’t the greatest miracle He performed. The transformation that occurred in my heart was even more dramatic than the one that occurred in my body.

An international teacher and evangelist, Dr. Nasir Siddiki is the founder of Wisdom Ministries ( He lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife Anita and their two sons.

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Iranian equilibrium finding new ways to gain freedom from the Mullahs regime, and seeking to reach for any compassion.
Every Iranian is wondering; The Muhammad Islam prophet and his followers were like the Mullahs and Imams today the dictatorship killers of their own times, they tortured innocent people, and covered up their own crime by using the Quran to your face.
Many Iranian people lost their own faith, their beliefs are dead, and enough is enough.
They don't want this Islamic religion and this dictator regime.
Iranians know that everybody must obey the Ayatollahs, Imams, Mullahs and sheikhs regime like slaves otherwise she/he will get brutally murdered.

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Tsunami Miracle: What Islam could not do - Jesus Christ does by Saving People

This woman is now a former Muslim because when she called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, she was saved along with those villagers around her from a recent Tsunami Disaster which hit Indonesia. The fact that militant Muslims are enraged and desire to kill former Muslims who testify of the Power of Christ today, is evidence that Islam promotes the same hatred for God and Jesus that drove people to crucify Jesus Christ on a Roman cross. But those God-haters could do nothing to stop His Resurrection yesterday nor can they stop the message of the life-changing power of God today, which alone can take a person who was once spiritually dead before Gods eyes to being made alive through faith in Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 2:1-10) It is the same hatred that drives Atheists and others who serve "the god of self" to reject and dismiss the good news of Jesus, because God is Holy and holds people accountable for how they live. (Romans 1:16-32)

And this also goes for those who call themselves "Christians." There is a judgment for those who claim to know the Lord Jesus. Some of those who call themselves christians, are not, because their heart is not for the things of God. They just want to just get by doing their own thing and not represent Christ on the earth. Read Matthew Chapter 25:1-46 and you will see for yourself what happens to those "Christians" who are wicked (live like there's no God) and lazy (filled with apathy and selfishness). This cozy lukewarm, relativistic lazy apathetic "Christianity" where you are permitted live however you wish and "coexist" with sin and idolatry will one day lead you to a Christ-less eternity. Why? Because when Jesus Christ sees certain people (even though they may call him Lord Lord) He will say to them "Depart from me I never knew you" Matthew 7:21-23. What Jesus is saying is that they were never intimately acquainted with Jesus and they do not bear His image or reflection when He looks at them. They did nothing for the poor, hungry, those without clothes, and did not visit those who were sick or in prison. They did not allow Jesus to live His life through them and love their neighbor. When all was said and done they avoided surrendering their life to Jesus. They did not live the Kingdom of God on the earth. Talk is real cheap. You can't shuck and jive talk your way into Gods heaven. God sees right through it. Those who misused their God-given talents and abilities for themselves on Earth, as scripture says buried them in the ground, God Himself calls them wicked and lazy servants in . God then calls them an unprofitable, worthless servant and are caste into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 25:26-30) And Carlton Pearson's Gospel of inclusion cannot save you.

Even those who don't believe in Jesus are disgusted by the hypocrisy they see in the lives of those who call themselves Christians today. Some of them act just as bad and wicked as experts in the world. Question to the Christian: When Jesus Christ sees you, does He the image of Himself or the image of Satan? God will hold everyone accountable for what they go do with Jesus and how they reflect his life on the earth. Many Christians in America need to get on their faces and repent, make a 180 degree turn toward God and sit at the feet of Christ and ask God for mercy and forgiveness. And no Oprah cannot save you! When Jesus Christ said, I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except though Me in John 14:6, He meant what He said. This is why we all need the mercy of God and a heart to serve Him as the Lord (Owner) all the way to eternity.