Aug 29, 2013

Jews for Jesus Yeshua Messiah Part 2

Jews for Jesus Yeshua Messiah Part 2

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Journeys of Faith: Melissa Weinisch Feature

Jews who believe in Jesus
Journey of Faith Melissa Weinisch

The Persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel
by Talmudic Orthodox Jews - Part 1/2

The Persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel
by Talmudic Orthodox Jews - Part 2/2

Messianic Rabbi shares how he accepted Yeshua as Messiah

Journeys of Faith: Heather Blecher

Heather Blecher was born in Suffern, New York. Born and raised in a Conservative Jewish home, she came to faith in Jesus in December 1991. She received her education at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama where she graduated, first with a B.S. and then an M.S. in Communication Disorders. Heather worked for seven years as an audiologist and was associate staff with Youth for Christ before joining the Jews for Jesus staff. She is particularly interested in youth work as she came to faith as a teen.

Journeys of Faith: Aaron Trank

Journeys of Faith: Oded Cohen

Journeys of Faith: Rachelle Trank

Journeys of Faith: Nathan Jacobs

I Grew Up in the Synagogue

Journeys of Faith: Michael Sischy Part 1

Journeys of Faith: Michael Sischy Part 2

Journeys of Faith: Liz Khan

Stop Fighting Trust Me Follow Me: Journeys of Faith

Judith Mendelsohn Rood received her Ph.D. in Modern Middle Eastern History from the University of Chicago and her M.A. in Arab Studies from Georgetown University. She earned her B.A. at New College, an experimental liberal arts college modeled on the Oxford University curriculum, and did undergraduate and graduate work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Rood was the first woman ever permitted to undertake research in the Islamic Archives in Jerusalem, and was the first American since 1967 to do so. Her specialization is the Muslim community in Jerusalem during the Ottoman period. She is especially interested in the problem of Islamic law and relations between Muslims, Christians, and Jews from an historical perspective.
Currently she is working on writing a history of world civilizations from the eyes of faith. Teaching at Biola University as a Professor of History, Dr. Rood currently lives in Brea, CA, with her husband Paul Rood and two sons, Samuel and Joshua. In addition to her passion for Islamic studies, Dr. Rood loves hiking, swimming, messianic music and worship, dogs, horses, and hanging out and conversing about current events, good scholarship and writing.