Jul 26, 2013

Muslims Find Jesus 5: Ex Terrorists

Muslims find Jesus 5: Ex Terrorists

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Former Jihadist Speaks Out :: Testimony of Kamal Saleem

"In the Red Chair" is a series of intimate portraits—where individuals reveal the story of their soul. Each has been challenged and tested. Their trials include heartbreak, sickness, addiction, profound loss, betrayal, poverty, and direct confrontations with evil. But each story is also about faith, hope, redemption, and a dramatic, personal encounter with God. These stories are so powerful—they may even change your life.

When Kamal Saleem was a boy of 7, he began training in a PLO assault camp. This notorious terrorist group trained him to know his enemy, to hate his enemy, and to anticipate their every move. His singular purpose was to use his power to change the world for Islam. Soon he was a career mercenary, working for the cause of Jihad. But a severe accident broke his back and changed everything in an instant. The one thing that this warrior was not prepared for—was the power of love.

Kamal Saleem,
Ex-PLO-Terrorist Now Preaching Christianity !

Hundreds of people in several congregations listened to a man who calls himself a reformed terrorist now preaching Christianity.
"The word of God says to pray for your enemy, to love your enemy. The Muslim today, they are our brothers."
Kamal Saleem says he changed his identity and his faith and risks his life to preach about Jesus. He grew up in the Middle East as a fundamentalist Muslim, and he claims at age seven the PLO recruited and trained him as a terrorist to carry explosives into Israel.
Kamal Saleem, former PLO terrorist, now Christian: "What I learned, the Jew and the Christian were the people who are the infidels. Therefore, at one time, there will be nothing left but the Muslims."
He tells Christian groups he came to America to convert people to Islam, but in 1985 he had a horrible car accident. The man who helped him on the road and two doctors changed his life.
Kamal Saleem: "And never for once they said, 'This is because we want to change you, to be a Christian,' they just loved me unconditionally."
He embraces one of this church's pastors, a former Jew.
Rev. Ira Popper, pastor, The Adventure Foursquare Church: "When we can embrace like that, it's an amazing experience. And we know that it's not just an earthly experience. This would not have happened, except for the mighty hand of God."
Not everyone is happy about Kamal Saleem's visit, members of the Muslim community expressed their concern to the pastors who sponsored him. He says his message is for people of all faiths.
Kamal Saleem: "The best thing we can do today as Americans is to love our neighbors, whether they're Muslim or whatever they may be and tell 'em, we care for you, let your light shine."
Kamal Saleem says he nearly took his life numerous times as a terrorist. Now he travels the world living for his faith.

Why I Left Islam - (Salvation Story) - Kamal (Part 1 of 2)

Why I Left Islam - (Salvation Story) - Kamal (Part 2 of 2)

Why I Left Islam - Kamal Saleem (1 of 2)

Why I Left Islam - Kamal Saleem (2 of 2)

Kamal Saleem was born to a large Sunni Muslim family in the heart of the Middle East. From early childhood, he had a strong foundation in the Muslim faith. His cousin is the grand imam (mufti) and Kamal was taught umma (one world under Islam), to beware of the infidels (Christians, Jews, and others that oppose Islam) , and other Muslim teachings.

From age four, these teachings were reinforced by his mother, grandparents, and uncles. In elementary school, Kamal had a job on the other side of Beirut and he had to pass through neighborhoods of Sunnis, Shias, Kurds and Armenians. Daily, he was beaten by each of these groups. One day, he had a confrontation with the bullies and he ran into a Sunni mosque for safety. One of the imams in the mosque came to Kamals defense. The Muslim Brotherhood member from the mosque had Kamal point out the boys from each neighborhood that were harassing him and they then beat the bullies. This was Kamals introduction to the Muslim Brotherhood (a radical Sunni Muslim movement to which most terrorists have ties).

Soon these men recruited Kamal at age seven to train at one of their assault camps. He learned how to shoot an automatic weapon and had to crawl across a mine field while live rounds were fired over his head. Kamals best friend tripped a mine right in front of him and Kamal had to crawl over his friends dead body.

His first official mission was to transport weapons into Israel for Yasser Arafat. Even at that early age, his trainers recognized something special about Kamal he was passionate about Islamic beliefs and he was able to carry out what he was assigned to do. By his late teens, Kamal was also recruited by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and other radical Muslim groups. Over many years of training in numerous places, including Afghanistan and Libya, Kamal mastered every form of offensive and defensive terrorist tactics.

In the early 1980s, Kamal left his family in the Middle East for his new mission field in America. Entering the U.S. as a student and leader of the Muslim Student Association, his true goal was to convert as many Christians and Jews as possible for the glory of Allah. Targeting the hungry, the poor and those who were spiritually hungry, Kamal provided for their need in the name of Mohammed.

In 1985, Kamals world was turned upside down when his car was hit by a semi-truck. He was thrown from his car, fell on his neck, and was in a mud hole crying out to Allah. A Christian man tended to Kamal at the accident scene, making sure he got the medical treatment he needed. His orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist were also Christian men who ministered the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to Kamal over the months of his recovery.

Kamal kept wondering, What have I done to displease you, Allah? Kamal was afraid that Allah had turned his back on him and left Kamal for the Islamic demons. He also did not know how to process the love and sacrificial giving of the Christian men who helped him. In all his radical Islamic training, they didnt teach how to deal with love. The Christian men helped Kamal get back on his feet, praying for him and raising money for his medical expenses.

Kamal was so disillusioned. He went home and cried out, Allah, why did you let my enemies take care of me? Kamal wanted a manifestation of Allahs power. He said, Allah, if youre real, I want to hear your voice. Allah said nothing. Distraught, Kamal was about to shoot himself when he heard an audible voice say, Why dont you cry out to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Kamal cried out to Jehovah God with every fiber of his being and said he wanted to know Him. Jesus physically appeared to Kamal and showed him His nail-scarred hands. Jesus told Kamal how much He loved him with a kind, gentle, loving voice. After this encounter, Kamal was totally healed from his accident.

Kamal says Koome or Arise Body of Christ. Instead of worshipping the world, we need to worship Jehovah God.

Here are some spiritual strategies:

Prayer and supplication cry out to God and ask him, Father, what do you want us to do? Christians used to be eagles and now were ostriches. Christians need to remember that Jehovah God makes promises and keeps them; Allah changes his mind.

Too often, Christians are praying for prosperity and our own well-being and we dont think about the big picture.

Too few Christians move out and engage Muslims, sharing what Jesus has done. Christians need to learn how to pray for Muslims. Six million Muslims converted to Christ last year, but there are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. What are Christians going to do about the others? Only Jesus can take a terrorist and change him, like He did with Kamal.

How Lord Jesus Changed Radical Muslim Khalil's life
(Part 1/3) 
a muslim finds Jesus Christ a true story of Khalil's conversion to christianity

A radical Islamic terrorist from Egypt changed from a murderous "Saul" to a forgiving "Paul" after Jesus Christ visited him in a soul-penetrating dream. This hater of both Christians and Jews set out to discredit the Bible, but instead, he was transformed when Jesus appeared to him and changed his heart.

The amazing phenomenon of Jesus' appearing to Muslims in dreams.

For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women - without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians - have been profoundly affected after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. "More Than Dreams" is a 187-minute, full-color, 'docu-drama' that tells the story of a genuine phenomena taking place throughout the Muslim communities.

There are five such stories/episodes of former Muslims who now follow Jesus as their Savior, recreated in docu-drama format. Each story includes a segment, explaining what it means to follow Christ. Produced in their original languages with English subtitles.

This episode deals with Khalil a radical Egyptian terrorist who is transformed when Jesus appears to him and changes his heart.

How Lord Jesus Changed Radical Muslim Khalil's life
(Part 2/3)

How Lord Jesus Changed Radical Muslim Khalil's life
(Part 1/3)