May 24, 2013

Abortion: Testimonies and Post Abortion Syndrome

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Abortion: Testimonies and Post Abortion Syndrome

Abortion Recovery
Finding Forgiveness After Abortion - Post Abortion Syndrome
Ramah International

Please watch both parts - VERY ENCOURAGING ! !

Part 1 - One [Christian] Woman's Abortion Testimony:
Sydna Masse ~ Abortion Recovery

"One Woman's Abortion Story" presents a straightforward account of an actual abortion experience from the mother's perspective. Sydna Masse candidly shares various aspects of that painful day when she underwent this surgical procedure without benefit of anesthesia. When she left the clinic, one was dead and one was wounded and her life would never be the same.

Part 2 - Post Abortion Syndrome Healing Testimony
Abortion Recovery

I'm not a medical doctor or a counselor -- just a woman who chose abortion and lives today without that child in my life. Truly if there was one thing I could go back and undo in my life, it would be that abortion. I was 19 years of age and in college. I had all the wrong reasons but especially because my boyfriend wasn't supportive of a life decision -- he insisted on the abortion. While my head said abortion was the eraser to my mistake, my heart knew the truth because I had already connected to my unborn child. Had my boyfriend been supportive, I would probably have not aborted but I will never know. You have a true choice, more than I did and that provides a great deal of freedom. And I'm glad you are seeking answers to your questions before you abort.

First of all, abortion has an extreme amount of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual consequences. The fact that 43% of all women have experienced abortion is a good reference ( - The Alan Guttmacher Institute, "Facts in Brief: Induced Abortion," 2000). If nearly half of all women have had abortions, why is it that you never hear any of them sharing about their experiences?

I know from ministering to thousands of post-abortive women that the shame and grief keeps them from sharing. We expect judgment from most. Many of us never allowed ourselves to actually grieve our lost children until years afterwards when we couldn't erase the memory of the child from our hearts. While we may have initially felt relief, the forever pain of being the mothers of dead children has long outlasted any initial relief.

If you are pregnant then you are already a mother. This fact is done. By the time you discover you are pregnant, your child is fully formed with arms, legs, eyes, fingers, toes, etc. To learn more about his/her development and to see what he/she looks like, view videos below. The only thing your child needs to do is get a little bigger.

But regardless of being already formed, she/he has already bonded with you internally. She/He is dependent on you already. You can reject them -- that's your legal right -- but you will never forget them. She/He can feel pain now and will feel tremendous pain when aborted. That is one fact that I still have trouble living with -- and cry even now at the memory of the pain my child went through so I could live my life the way I wanted. There are thousands of tears on my pillow for my child -- whom I later named Jesse -- and I will never hold him this side of heaven. At least you will know more than I did when I made that choice. By the way, Jesse would be turning 22 soon. You never forget.

If you break up with your boyfriend, keep in mind that the man you want to marry will probably need to know you have had an abortion. One of the unexpected consequences of abortion was the fear that the man I wanted to marry wouldn't want me because I was post-abortive. I was filled with fear and eventually ran full throttle into a promiscuous lifestyle. I smoked pot every day to suppress the memories of the abortion experience itself -- a horribly painful process that put me into physical shock. When a nice man wanted to date me I ran the other way because I felt he wouldn't want me with this in my past. Finally I met a man whom I loved and trusted and I knew there was a possibility that he would love me anyway. Thankfully he did and we have enjoyed many long years of marriage. Sydna Masse,

Post Abortion - "Forgiven and Set Free"

The loss of a child is never an easy burden to carry. The loss of a child that "never was" is heart breaking. Forgiven and Set Free is a remarkable short documentary that explores the aftermath of both women and men that have gone through the emotional pain of abortion and suffer/ed from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. This documentary will take the audience through the healing process of Post Abortive women and men as well as bring awareness of the symptoms of PASS.

Post Abortion Syndrome

The truth no one wants you to know. The horrible effects of post-abortion syndrome that can cripple a woman emotionally, even physically. Here's one woman's story and the compassion she found when she finally decided to open up.

The Dark Secret: Life After Abortion

Natalie Faith talks to 3 post-abortive women about their journey of facing their abortion decision and finding hope and forgiveness. Each worked through the post-abortion recovery curriculum, Living in Colour, written by Jenny McDirmid, who is post-abortive herself.
Jenny McDirmid-Author-Living In Colour
Dionne, Susan-Post-Abortive
Jutta Wittmeier-Centre Director, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre
For Help: Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre:

Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS)
by Silent Voices Pro-life Video

Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) by Silent Voices.
To understand Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS), one must first understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - victims of PTSD are said to have "experienced, witnessed, or were confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others, and the person's response involved intense fear, helplessness, or horror." This event could be any number of things, including war, rape, witnessing a murder, being a victim of a violent crime, or surviving the devastations of an earthquake or hurricane. For the woman who has had an abortion, it is the act of taking the life of her own unborn child.

While abortion is perceived by our society as being an acceptable option to giving birth, most women, at some deep level of their being, realize that abortion is an act against nature, and must "shut down" any maternal instincts they may have in order to carry through with an abortion.

After the abortion is over, many women are unable to reconcile the fact that they were responsible for the death of their child, and struggle for years with unresolved feelings of guilt and grief. These women usually struggle with their grief in isolation, and rarely feel free to discuss their abortion experiences with others for fear that they will be condemned or abandoned by those close to them.

While many women around the world are suffering from PAS, most believe that they are alone in their pain - that their negative experience with abortion is unusual or unique - thus compounding their feelings of loneliness and isolation.

When a woman does seek help, or attempts to talk to her friends and family about her experience, she is often met with resistance and a lack of understanding. Counselors, abortion providers, doctors and peers may all tell the woman that she needs to put her experience behind her, or get on with her life.

However well meaning their advice may be, a woman struggling with negative feelings after an abortion will find that her feelings will not disappear no matter how hard she tries to forget them. Rather, they often lead to a dysfunctional life style. The woman will simply go on with her life never knowing how to overcome the negative, self-destructive behaviors that become a way of life for victims of PTSD. Some of these behaviors include:

despair/helplessness/hopelessness unhealthy/abusive relationships sexual dysfunction depression low self-esteem guilt and/or shame drug and/or alcohol abuse frequent bouts of crying anorexia/bulimia nightmares suicidal thoughts, threats and attempts and/or a preoccupation with death

There are other women who feel that they have not been affected at all by their abortion(s), and are unable to see the connection between other problems in their life, and their abortion experience(s). They have probably learned to cope with their feelings, usually by using "defense mechanisms (denial, repression, suppression, compensatory pregnancy and/or reaction formation).

This information is designed to help you, the woman who has had an abortion, decide for yourself whether or not you need to receive healing from your experience. As you continue reading, keep in mind that any "defense mechanisms" you may have been using to cope with your abortion(s) may still be firmly in place. Be honest with yourself as you answer the following questions.

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Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Getting Abortion

John Andrew Welden Tricked Ex-Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill Cyotec, Tampa Man Charged With First Degree Murder

A 28-year-old Florida man faces federal charges after he allegedly tricked his girlfriend into aborting a fetus she was carrying.

According to court documents, John Andrew Welden forged his father’s signature to get a prescription for Cyotec, a drug used to induce labor. Welden told his pregnant girlfriend Remy Lee that his father, who is a fertility doctor, prescribed Amoxicillan to treat her for a bacterial infection. He swapped the bottles’ labeling to trick her into taking the drug, AP reports.

Lee, 26, who is now Welden’s ex, is shocked.

"Whenever a woman is robbed of her ability to give birth and have a child, I don't think there's any greater harm you can cause somebody," Lee's attorney, Gil Sanchez, said. "She's devastated. She still can't believe this happened to her."

Cyotec, also known as misoprostol, is typically used with another drug, mifepristone, to cause an abortion during the first nine weeks of pregnancy. Lee was six weeks and five days into her pregnancy when she took the pill on her way to work. She began to bleed and was taken to the hospital, where she was told that she had taken a drug that causes an abortion.

"What did you give me, Andrew?" she asked Welden, according to the prosecutor.

Sanchez says the couple broke up a few months ago, but got back together long enough for Lee to become pregnant, the Tampa Bay Times reports. She planned on keeping the baby and showed her fellow Chipotle workers her sonogram images.

"I was never going to do anything but go full term with it, and he didn't want me to,” Lee told WPTV.

Welden has been charged with product tampering and first-degree murder, with a possible life sentence. His crime falls under the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 which defines "unborn child" as "a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb." The law excludes abortions with the consent of the mother.

According to his Facebook page, Welden was a pre-med student at the University of South Florida.

Woman: I was tricked, took abortion pill

Abortion Pill | RU-486 | First Trimester Abortion Method Anti-Abortion = Anti kill a baby! Pro-life, pro-unborn human rights. Abortion Pill | RU-486 | First trimester abortion. Get the RU-486 fact sheet Article about RU-486 deaths

Forget Gosnell: This Case Highlights The Real Abortion Issues

John Andrew Welden is being held on first degree murder charges for tricking his girlfriend, pregnant with his child, into taking an abortion bill ( Cyotec, a drug used to induce labor) that she thought was an antibiotic, because he had tampered with the label. The fetus, nearly seven weeks old, miscarried as a result. You can read this ugly story here.

She wanted to have the baby, he didn’t. He arranged his own abortion, deceiving her, betraying her, mistreating her terribly. But how did he commit murder? What he tricked her into aborting wasn’t a human being. NARAL says so. Sandra Fluck says so. President Obama says so.

The ethical and logical problem with our abortion laws, as well as the rhetoric and conduct surrounding them, is that they lack integrity and embarrassingly so. A seven week fetus is not treated as a human life if a mother chooses to have an abortion, and a doctor performs it. This must mean, in any sane, fair and ethical system, that it is not a human life. If it is not a life if a doctor aborts it, it isn’t a life if a boyfriend tricks the mother into aborting it. How can it be? The fetus hasn’t changed, and the conduct hasn’t changed. All that has changed is the agent, and there are only a few ways that can alter the act. “A deceptive killing?” A killing without authority,” perhaps. But the agent can’t make eliminating something first degree murder, if it wasn’t a human being that was eliminated.

Only one kind of object fits the rhetoric of abortion advocates, and that is property. They don’t like to acknowledge that, because the immediate and indeed appropriate comparison is slavery. An owner could kill a slave, and it wasn’t murder, just as a potential mother can abort the future baby she is carrying, for it is her body, just as it is his plantation–and she’s not committing murder either. If someone else killed the slave, well, that was a crime, but a property crime—after all, black slaves then, like the unborn now, just weren’t considered human beings. At least that was consistent. How can anyone say that it makes sense to charge John Andrew Welden with the murder of a quasi-baby that was his as much as it was his girlfriend’s? She can “kill” it (I’m running out of euphemisms) to the applause of Sandra Fluke and Planned Parenthood, but if he does, he risks a lethal injection. Ridiculous. Illogical. Unfair. Ah, but it makes it so much easier for women, who don’t have to come to grips with a pivotal bioethical problem. Just have it both ways, even though they should be mutually exclusive.

Problem solved!

How lazy, hypocritical and cowardly.

I know that a lot of our cherished illusions rest on double-think and mythology, but when it starts sending people to the chair something is amiss. I think abortion advocates, legislatures, law enforcement and the culture need to stop ducking tough issues and decide: when, if ever, does a fetus become a human being with the rights of a human being, and no, “whenever the woman says so” is not an acceptable answer. And if the answer is “never until it pops out of mom and risks having its neck wrung by a Dr. Gosnell disciple,” that’s fine…but then you can’t charge a John Andrew Welden with murder.