Aug 10, 2012

Christian Songs - Arabic

Who, on earth, erases sins - Arabic Christian Song

English lyrics are:

Who, on earth, erases sins,
and removes iniquities from depths of the hearts
Who, like Christ, has redeemed all nations
For their sake endured death on the cross

Yes he is Jesus my unique Master
Yes he is Jesus my glorified King

No shepherd like him has ever come to his people Leading them, guiding them, in His way
Statisfying them, flooding them with His love
Protecting them, guarding them, caring for them

To him who cries out for Him
He is the helper
To the weak a support,
an upholder, a protector
To the bewildered an inspirerer
a counselor, Lord
His words to the lost
guide and enlighten

He is the availible counselor in your solitude
He is the accompanying mate in your exile
He is the clever guide in your journey
He is the mighty helper in your ministry

Arabic Christian Song:

How many of the dead did you bring back to life?
Why do they want you dead?
How many have you healed and how many have you served?
And by wisdom you made your voice heard.
They betrayed you Jesus and put you on the cross.
They stabbed you my son and hurt you.
In front of my eyes they tortured you.
They tortured me with you once they tortured you

يسوع فادي - Shout to the Lord in Arabic

Abaana (Our Father) - Christian Arabic Song

فاديا بزى†ترنيمة انا ساكن فى بلاد الهجرة  by Amryy Awad

ترنيمة يمكن يوم ملقاش الاخ

فاديا بزي - يسوع بالحب اكبر - ترنيمة "هعلن انجيلي"


Fadia Bazzi was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She came to faith in her early years. Soon after her conversion to Christianity she was known for her voice and worship leading. In 1991 Fadia recorded her first Arabic album in Australia and very rapidly it was spread all over the world. God has made his calling clear to Fadia that he wants her to become a recording singer. Every subsequent year since her first album Fadia recorded Arabic albums with different song writers, musicians, and in different countries. In 1996 Fadia met Raed and in 1998 they got married. Until 2001 Fadia concentrated on her new family. During this time her focus was on her two beautiful gifts from God, Joshua and Pascal. In 2012 Fadia recorded her 13th Arabic album, Tarnima Gadida.

Fadia sought to live her life by the truth of the words of Jesus when he said "seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Fadia, along side her husband Rev. Raed are passionate to counsel marriage couples and pray for their deliverance. Fadia is a gifted counsellor and source of encouragement to women around her. She ministers with Raed in an Australian church and she leads worship in both languages ​​Arabic and English.

Fadia and Raed with their two children, Joshua and Pascal, live in Sydney Australia. Fadia is concerned first and most of all over her family. She sees herself as a wife and a mum. Her biggest struggle when she goes overseas to minister is leaving her family behind.

JESUS by Fadia Bazzi

Ledonyana qad atet / To our world you had came
by Fadia Bazzi
(Arabic-English Subtitles)

"Kiri Ya Layson" by Taranim
(Majida El Roumi and Ziad Rahbani? )