Jan 19, 2012

Archaeological Evidence: Noah's Ark

Archaeological Evidence: Noah's Ark

280 page hardback book - Over 400 pictures. Compiled from unpublished manuscripts, field notes, and the personal and professional correspondence of Ronald W. Wyatt. The definitive source on Wyatt's belief, research and subsequent validation of the Durupinar site as the authentic remains of Noah's Ark.

Author's account of 1992 capture with Ron Wyatt's group. More pictures of Wyatt evidences.

Noah's Ark Found? - The Best Evidence

According to archeologists and scholars, this is the real Ark site. Here is the evidence, including photographs and film footage, to prove it.

With the aid of aerial reconnaissance, technologically advanced sensing devices, controlled chemical analysis and strict archeological field work, this program presents the evidence that suggests scientists have indeed found the final resting place of Noah's Ark as described in the Bible and the Book of Genesis. Includes photos, video, physical evidence and interviews with researchers.

BIBLE ARCHEOLOGY-Discovery of the real Noah's Ark Part 1

BIBLE ARCHEOLOGY-Discovery of the real Noah's Ark Part 2

Discovery of the real Noah's Ark Part 1
Discovery of the real Noah's Ark Part 2

Ron Wyatt presents a video-graphical history of his amazing discoveries that cover various topics including Noah's Ark, the Biblical Exodus, the Red Sea Crossing, the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and Ark of the Covenant. This video was not uploaded to argue or dispute with non-believers. The purpose of uploading this video is to encourage believers in God's Word and the truths contained within.