Dec 24, 2011

Jesus / Yahshua / Yeshua - Prophecies of Yeshua in the Jewish Fall Feasts - By Michael Rood

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Prophecies of Yeshua in the Jewish Fall Feasts

Episode 1 - "Surely, We Have Inherited Lies"

Our Creator has shown us "the end from the beginning" through the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in His Feasts, which He commanded Israel to keep forever. Michael reveals the beauty of these Feasts and clearly details their past and future fulfillment. The Messiah fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the LORD at his first coming - it is recorded in the first four Gospels. The Messiah will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD - and its future fulfillment is detailed in the fifth Gospel: the book of the Revelation.

Recorded at more than twenty distinct locations around the Ophel Gardens Archeological Park on Mt. Moreh-Yah (the Temple of the Mount) in Jerusalem.

Episode 2 - "The Messiah's First Commandment: THINK NOT!"

Episode 3 - "Grace - A License To Violate Torah? God Forbid!"

Episode 4 - "Prepare Ye The Way of the LORD"

Episode 5 - "Be Not Ignorant of This One Thing"